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엘리엇 Elliot E.



Weston High School



영문학 (English)



에세이 컨설팅

입시 컨설팅

파이널 에디팅

A Bit About Me

I love helping students express themselves authentically, while also finding ways to communicate their ideas more effectively and artfully. I believe that all students are capable of writing great essays given time, guidance, and the opportunity to speak honestly.



Jun 2014 - Present

Jul 2019 - Present

Summer 2020

Sep 2020 - Present

Princeton University

Tutor - Self employed
- Train high-school students in writing, reading comprehension, and literary analysis, and prepare them for the reading and writing sections of various standardized tests

Editor - Able Education Technologies Ltd
- Consult with students to brainstorm, write, and edit their college admissions essays

Workshop Leader - Able Education Technologies Ltd

University Writing Instructor - Columbia University 

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