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윤수민 Sumin Y.



School for the Talented And Gifted


Rice University


Anthropology with a minor in Biochemistry



에세이 컨설팅

입시 컨설팅

A Bit About Me

Hey, y’all! As someone who navigated through the college
application process, I’m excited to make this process as manageable and successful as
possible. I aim to guide students as they reflect upon their personal histories, values, interests,
and identities to help students effectively convey themselves to college admissions. I believe it’s
important for students to understand and portray diverse aspects of themselves in their
portfolios. By working with me, I hope students will experiment with various styles of storytelling,
harness their authentic voices, and effectively showcase their compelling selves.


Aug 2020

Sep 2020 - Dec 2021

Jan 2021 - Present

Jan 2021 - Present

Oct 2021 - Present

Rice University

Student Writer - The Rice Thresher

Emergency Medical Technician -

Rice University Emergency Medical Services

Undergraduate Researcher - Warmflash Lab

Intern - Houston Asian American Archives (HAAA)

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