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이한새 Hansae L.



UWCSEA, Singapore



Economics & Philosophy



에세이 컨설팅

입시 컨설팅

A Bit About Me

I tend to take an abstract orientation and philosophical approach when working with students. My teaching style involves push my mentees by asking them questions—often about themselves and their relationships to their interests—as a means to pinpointing valuable attributes worth celebrating. I am open to working with everyone.



Jul 2020 - Present

Brown University


Non-profit photography print store. Charities are substituted periodically in response to shifting humanitarian and environmental demands. Past fundraisers include:

- Campaign Zero (BlackLivesMatter)
- International Rescue Committee (Afghanistan)
- GiveDirectly (East Africa)
- International Committee of the Red Cross (Ukraine)
- Women's Reproductive Rights Assistance Project (Abortion Rights)

Printing is outsourced to Photo Innovation Lab, a Chicago-based startup specializing in environmentally sustainable fine art prints and member of 1% For the Planet.

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