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켄드라 Kendra W.



Westport Senior High School



영문학 (English Literature)

​심리학 (Psychology)



에세이 컨설팅

입시 컨설팅

A Bit About Me

I am the first and only student from my high school to be accepted to Harvard, but I wouldn't have applied without the encouragement of my senior year English teacher. Her support has inspired me to help other students achieve their goals and dreams, which is something I love getting to do with Paschar. As a  consultant, I create a comfortable yet strict environment so students feel at ease and finish their essays on time, and over the years, I have found that patience, understanding, and a comfortable environment are key to student growth and success.



Jun 2019 - Jan 2020

Harvard University

Undergraduete Research Fellow - Mitrovica Research Lab

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