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The Aftermath

Our Results


Ivy + Top 10


First Choice


Top 5 Choices

Class of 2024

OO린    Stanford
O예O    Brown
O예O    Johns Hopkins
박OO    Johns Hopkins

박OO    Cornell
O현O    Cornell
OO원    Cornell
O재O    UChicago
박OO    UC Berkeley


Class of 2023

O유O    Harvard

장OO    Johns Hopkins

OO현    Johns Hopkins

이OO    Duke Kunshan

최OO    Northwestern

OO은    Rice

OO성    Cornell

OO윤    Parson's

김OO    Claremont McK

OO준    UC Berkeley

Class of 2022

박OO    Princeton

김OO    Princeton
O정O    Yale
최OO    Stanford
OO현    Columbia
김OO    Columbia
OO원    Williams
OO진    Amherst
장OO    Amherst
유OO    UPenn

Class of 2021

이OO    Princeton

김OO    Princeton
박OO    Stanford
O정O    Yale
김OO    Columbia
이OO    Williams
강OO    Amherst
정OO    UChicago
조OO    UPenn
문OO    Dartmouth

Class of 2020

O영O    Yale
김OO    Williams
박OO    UPenn
최OO    Duke
김OO    Parson's 
이OO    WashU
박OO    Bryn Mawr
O지O    NYU
O예O    NYU
OO현    NYU Abu Dhabi

Class of 2019

O수O    Princeton
최OO    Yale
김OO    UChicago
권OO    Brown PLME
O주O    Swarthmore
조OO    Duke Kunshan
이OO    WashU
진OO    UC Berkeley
심OO    NYU Shanghai

Class of 2023

Class of 2022

Class of 2021

Class of 2020

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