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Supplement: Brown - 1


Elliott Eglash

Name a community of which you are a part, why it’s important to you, and how it’s shaped you. (1000 characters)

I am a member of the California diaspora. I moved from Los Angeles at the age of ten, an export to the East Coast. But, like a plant uprooted from its native soil, I retained my roots. There’s a stereotype associated with Californians—that we all have wavy blonde hair, speak with a Valley Girls accent (“fer sure”), and do nothing but surf and bask in the sun. My geographic heritage goes deeper than that, though. There’s a certain pace of life in California that I’ve carried over to Connecticut. Even though my friends often get stressed about upcoming projects or tests, I rarely, if ever, find myself worrying about things of that nature. But, more than that, I still retain an air of self-reliance and an easy-going nature, hallmarks of my heritage. Although my way of life may not have originated in Connecticut, it has served me well here. The transplant has been successful, and my roots have taken up new soil. California is a part of me, and, hopefully, it always will be.

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