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Supplement: Stanford - 1


Leo Choi

Prompt: What matters to you, and why?

I rephrase the prompt to “What is most important to you?” and type the question in Google. Then I look through the Yahoo answers, famous for their wit and sarcasm, but I’m surprised to find some serious answers: my new daughter, job, science, knowledge, wisdom, peace, family, England, love, money, sports, purpose and meaning, world, self-respect, health, friends, religion, freedom…

I don’t agree with any of them. My answer to the question is in accordance with the majority of answers that famous company CEOs have given to the question, which I found out after researching. The answer is: Me.

I matter, so I exercise every day at the gym and play sports. What is the meaning of this society, world, and universe if I don’t exist? My health and life come before anything; it’s with this selfish attitude that I can carry out benevolent acts.

I matter, so I help my grandmother in Samcheonpo with squid business and do everything I can to lessen my parents’ burden. Without my family I wouldn’t be able to learn how to love, and live life. So I love them with my heart and soul.

I matter, so I teach math and play guitar to the children at Gwangju Deaf Association. Community service is extremely soothing; the feeling I get after doing volunteer work brings a sense of depth and joy no other activity can give.

I matter, so I dream of becoming a biologist. World Scholar’s Cup, the farming club, and Bio-Mania group have made me realize that my dreams and fantasies lie in the realm of living things, and it would be foolish not to follow those dreams in the future.

I matter, so I apply to Stanford, the place I truly want to spend my next four years of life.

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